You down with FTT?! (yeah, you know me…)

July 22nd, 2015 at 8:02 am

Over at the NYT, featuring some solid, new research from the TPC. This fits into the patient capital discussion we’ve been having as well.

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One comment in reply to "You down with FTT?! (yeah, you know me…)"

  1. Jill SH says:

    Yeah, way down. Subterranean down. Great piece.

    My comment there, reposted here:
    As someone below the median income level, I’m quite conscious of flat or regressive taxes, like sales taxes or property taxes (of which I pay tons). Most of us are quite accustomed to paying sales taxes of 5, 7, 8 percent depending on product or service, and state. This FTT, at such a low base point, is almost invisible, and will be nearly negligible in effect on trading, quite unlike the effect of traditional sales taxes. That it would raise such mountains of money says something about how easily we’ve been deflected (duped?) from doing a tax like this before.